Monday, November 17, 2008

Loves of a Blonde: Part 1

A ring slides off one finger
and falls on another, tangled
tresses ponder the color
of his eyes, a forest hushed

by snow sleeps while a diagonal-
striped tie gropes a tree. What
does it mean? The ring strikes a chord
against the floor, rolls between toes,

strolls between her legs. He spreads them
to find it, yet he finds a void.
He spreads her fingers to find
a path to lie, her wrist is slit,

that's sexy to him, doubts twist,
Him asking her to go is the
invitation she needs, his embrace
is laced with combat, distracts her

hips as shoes woo the floor, the heat
of a hand on her nape escapes,
a face plies a wall as a torso
cuffs to block breasts from the moon. White

noise from sheets cause her to trust fumes
of solitude. She rubs the hair
between her legs, it speaks, she plays
naked in a coat as she peaks

out the door to find another
version of herself, she stalks
voices behind it and finds
a ring she does not wear.

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